What is a DD214?

A DD214 is a government document issued to a service member when they are discharged from the Army, Air Force, Navy or Marine Corps. The form contains information that can be used to verify military service, including your name, branch of service and discharge status. To learn more about the DD214, click here.

If you are a former military service member but do not have a copy of your DD214, you can request a copy from the national archives here


How does GovX use the DD214?

GovX can verify your status automatically by securely scanning your DD214. During the upload process, your document is encrypted and we don't save any sensitive information. In fact, all documents are instantly deleted from our system after verification. 

Also, before you upload your DD214, please cross out your social security number with a black marker. We do NOT need your social to verify your status. 


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    Marc McGlothin

    I'm in the process of verification by it's been two days and wanted to send a picture or copy of my DD214. But can't get to that page again since I'm already signed up . Needed a pair of binoculars and the ones I were set on "vortex" are discounted almost half for today only . 😭😭 so today is a very sad day.

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