What kind of identification do I need to get approved?

There are two primary ways you can verify your status to get approved for GovX membership. You only need ONE of these for approval.


Approval via Email

If you have a valid work email address, you can use it to get approved for GovX. Simply enter your work email (like a .mil or .gov address) when prompted during online registration. Our system will either auto-verify the address or send you a confirmation email to ensure the address is valid. 


Approval via Document Upload

You can upload any document that reasonably supports your veteran or dependent status into our online registration form. This could include a DD214, an award certificate, benefits stub or other appropriate document. 

When uploading your DD214, please black out your Social Security number in Box 3. For other forms of ID, please black out any sensitive information. We only require your name and who you work for. Please note that any documents uploaded for verification are instantly removed from our system after your membership has been approved. 


Our easy online verification is secure and only takes a few minutes to complete! Register now



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