I can't log in to my GovX account

The most common cause of login problems is entering the wrong password or email address.

  • If you can't remember your password, please enter your email address here: https://www.govx.com/passwordrecovery. We'll promptly send you an email to reset your password. 
  • If you can't remember the email you used for your membership, please email us here or call us at 888.468.5511 and one of our friendly team members will help you out.

Facebook Login

Remember, if you signed up for GovX using your Facebook account simply click the "Log in with Facebook" button to access your account. Linking your account with Facebook is a great way to avoid forgotten passwords in the future!

To link your existing GovX account with Facebook, click on the blue "Login w/ Facebook" button on the screen below. 


The web site will walk you through the process of linking your accounts.



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