Inventory Integration: Flat File (CSV)

GovX has the ability to process Order exports, ASN's (advanced shipping notices), Inventory, and Product loads via flat file. Flat files are exchanged over FTP or SFTP. GovX hosts an FTP server (recommended) or files can be exchanged over the partner’s specified FTP server.

This article specifically outlines the data dictionary for an inventory integration. Order integration via flat file is covered in a separate document here


Getting Started

Step 1 | Create Account

Before calling the FTP service you will need to have a partner account created in GovX. Your GovX Brand Manager can provide you with the credentials. 

Step 2 | Determine Schedule

Inventory updates typically run twice per day at 12am and 12pm. If you require a more frequent schedule/tight inventory control, we can set up a custom schedule to accommodate your needs. Please discuss this with your GovX Brand Manager. 

Step 3 | Coordinate Product Codes

When integrating with GovX it is important to establish the product codes that will be used for integration. Typically, the product codes used for integration are UPC but another unique identifier can also be used (such as SKU). It is important that the GovX Brand Manager knows the product code that will be used in integration as it must be set when loading the products into GovX.

Step 4 | Accessing FTP Server

The FTP service is publicly available on both staging and production servers using the URI. Supported transfer types are FTP, FTPS, SFTP, HTTP and HTTPS.

New inventory files should be dropped in the 'inventory' directory. The file name should be constant. If multiple files exist in the directory, only the most recent one will be used. 

Step 5 | Testing

Before we launch the integration, GovX must receive and validate a test inventory file. Please deliver the file to the FTP server and notify us that file is available for testing by emailing


Inventory Data Dictionary

Inventory updates should be posted to GovX on a predetermined frequency, but at least once day is required. The following data dictionary represents a valid Inventory data file.

The fields can be in any order, but the format must be configured by GovX upon setup. Please consult with your GovX Brand Manager.

You can use tab or commas as field delimiters. 

Field NameTypeLen MaxDescriptionFormat/Value
ItemNumber CHAR 30 Manufacturer Material Number/UPC Code ALPHA NUMERIC
Quantity NUMBER 21 Item Quantity  

At minimum, the inventory file should include records for each SKU that you are selling on However, if you so choose, you may include your entire catalog in the file. GovX will extract the data for the SKU's that apply to our system. 

If you are not sending inventory for your entire catalog, remember that you'll have to update your feed when your product assortment on GovX changes (i.e. if you add new SKUs for sale on

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