Order Integration: Email

GovX can work with Partners that do not have an existing electronic mechanism to receive orders using a simple email integration. Email integration will batch email the Partner when orders are placed. Each email includes order details, including an attached packing slip.

GovX email integration the fastest way to get started trading with GovX, but it also requires the most manpower to run. The orders will be emailed as they are received by GovX (batched hourly). The email will include a packing slip PDF attachment for each order for you to print and include in the package. The attachment gives the customer all info needed regarding their order, plus return and customer service info, and lets them know to contact us instead of you for any customer service.


Getting Started

Step 1 | Determine Email Address

You will need to supply to GovX an email address that will receive the orders. The email should be an alias or distribution group - not a personal account - so that you can control how the emails are distributed (e.g. orders@mybrand.com)

Step 2 | Configure Reminders

GovX will send reminders to supply tracking numbers that are x days late. The email will provide links to add the tracking numbers to the GovX site. You should supply the number days that the reminders should be configured to send and an email address that should receive the reminders.

Step 3 | Configure Email Format

A PDF version of the packing slip can be sent with the order as well as a PDF version of the purchase order. Please specify what is to be received on email.


Email Format

Emails are sent as orders arrive, batched hourly.


Shipping Confirmation

It is your responsibility to supply shipping confirmations back to GovX, including the carrier and the tracking number for each PO. This tracking information is vitally important for GovX in order to be able to communicate with customers during order fulfillment. Orders are not considered fulfilled until a shipping confirmation has been received by GovX.

After launch, you will be assigned a Customer Care agent at GovX who will supply you with an email address to send shipping confirmations. This agent will handle all GovX customer order inquiries on your behalf. 

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