Inventory Integration: SPS Commerce

This document covers inventory integration via SPS Commerce. Before choosing this integration option, you must have an existing SPS Commerce account. Also, SPS inventory integration can only be implemented in conjunction with order integration.

Order integration via SPS is covered in detail in this document


Getting Started

Step 1 | Create Account

Before integrating with GovX via SPS Commerce you will need to have a partner account created in GovX. Your GovX Brand Manager can provide you with the credentials. 

Step 2 | Configure SPS Account

Communicate to your SPS Account Manager that you wish to trade with GovX (12*858-224-7800). The setup for GovX trading must follow the format for GovX trading that adds a folder to the GovX login for trading. Ask your SPS Account Manager for the name of the folder to supply to GovX.

Step 3 | Coordinate Product Codes

When integrating with GovX it is important to establish the product codes that will be used for integration. Typically, the product codes used for integration are UPC but another unique identifier can also be used (such as SKU). It is important that the GovX Brand Manager knows the product code that will be used in integration as it must be set when loading the products into GovX.

Step 4 | Communicate SPS Settings

You will need to supply the following information to your brand manager:

  • Trading Partner ID
  • SPS Folder ID

Step 5 | Testing

Before we launch the integration, we will need to receive a test inventory file. After testing is verified, please communicate to your SPS Rep and GovX Brand Manager to move the integration to live. 

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