Order Integration via ShipStation

GovX provides an easy ShipStation integration via the Custom Store configuration. The ShipStation Custom Store allows you to sync GovX orders within ShipStation in a single click, and enables ShipStation to automatically send shipment status and tracking information updates back to GovX once a label is created. Custom Store functionality in ShipStation is the best way to sync up orders with ShipStation and create a seamless end-to-end experience.


Creating the connection

In your ShipStation account, go to the "Account Settings" (the gear icon in the top right) and select "Selling Channels" and then "Store Setup" from the sidebar on the left. Click to "Connect a Store or Marketplace". You'll see a number of options presented. Select the "Custom Store" tile. 

After clicking on the "Custom Store" tile, you'll be presented with the following form:

This configuration will allow ShipStation to communicate directly with the GovX system, and vice versa. To fill in the form correctly, you'll need the following information:

Field Enter the following value
Username This is your username in the GovX system. This will be provided to you by your GovX Brand Manager.
Password This is the password associated to your GovX account. This will be provided to you by your GovX Brand Manager
URL to Custom XML Page https://shipping.govx.com/order/shipstationxmlendpoint
Unpaid Status Pending
Paid Status Processing
Shipped Status Completed
Cancelled Status Cancelled
On-Hold Status Onhold


Bringing orders into ShipStation

ShipStation requests order information ('GET') from the GovX Web Endpoint (i.e. the Custom XML page) during ShipStation's store updates. Within ShipStation, you can trigger store updates manually by hovering over the update icon and opting to update all or individual stores, as shown in the image below:


Creating labels

When marking orders as shipped within ShipStation, you must ensure that both the delivery confirmation and the notify marketplace is set. The delivery confirmation will create a tracking number that will be sent back to GovX which in turn will be emailed to the customer. The notify marketplace option allows the tracking number to be communicated back to GovX, if this option is not enabled the customer will not receive their tracking number.

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