GovX Cancellation Policy

If you would like to cancel your order, please keep in mind that there is a limited window of time that a cancellation request can be successfully processed. Here is why:

All orders are sent in real time to our brand partners. The timeframe in which their orders are processed on their side is dependent upon each individual brand. Some brands ship quicker than others. Please note that any brands with longer ship times will have a notation on their product pages. Due to these reasons, all cancellation requests have to be confirmed by the brand that you ordered from. After we have received a confirmation of the cancellation from the brand we will move forward with processing a refund or store credit and you will be emailed a refund confirmation. If we are not able to cancel your order we will notify you accordingly.

Due the time sensitivity around this subject, we strongly recommend calling us during our hours of operation for cancellation requests. The sooner a cancellation request is sent to us the better and more likely it will be for a successful cancellation.

If my order is cancelled and I used a coupon or a credit, will I get those back?

If you cancel an item or an entire order that was purchased with a promotion or credit, you may not be eligible to receive that promotion or discount again.

Can I change my order after it’s been placed?

We may be able to alter the size/color once your order has been placed, however we go through the same process as we would for a cancellation request as we would for a change of size/color request and there are no guarantees. See the above cancellation process for your reference.

Can I add or remove items from my order after it's been placed?

After your order has been placed we aren’t able to add or remove items from your order. The only way we are able to alter your order is if we cancelled it in its entirety so that you can place a new order.

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