GovX Coupons

Can I use more than one coupon in an order?

Our system only allows for one coupon code to be entered at a time. If you enter in a coupon code and then try to add in another coupon code, our system will automatically default to the larger discount of the two coupon codes. 

Can coupons be used on ticketing purchases?

The coupons that we periodically send to our members can only be used in the GovX shopping cart. They are not applicable on ticket and travel purchases. 

I forgot to use my coupon on my order. What now?

Unfortunately, we are not able to retroactively add coupons to orders that have already been completed. 

If the product I want is out of stock, can I have my coupon extended?

 Unfortunately, we don't have the option to extend coupons. 

If I used a coupon on an order that I am returning, will I be able to re-use the coupon?

Unfortunately, coupons cannot be reused. 

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